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Aug. 20th, 2010

Poem: A Thousand

A Thousand

I can’t hold on to my “self”
and you offer in kind voice
“it is safe to let go”
but what can you possibly know
about letting go
if you still think there is a choice?

Does your heart beat
as every chakra is stretched
and beaten
like an ancient drum?
You actually think I am here?
I disappear,
vibrated out of knowing
by the thunderous metronome
of truth…
God’s palms strike me
out of existence.

People see the mountaintop
from the valley
and believe they understand
what it is like
to dance upon the summit.

Yet, to be unexpectedly placed on the summit
by a thousand hummingbirds
surpasses all seeing
when all you can hear is the vibration
of those wings.

Learning to breathe in that thin air
is something that no belief can teach you.

And dancing at the very tipping point of sky and ground,
sometimes falters
when you realize that you will
never be allowed to return
to the valley below.

A thousand dreams
must I have dreamed
where I was wrought from nothing
that became temporarily convinced of everything
now returning to nothing,
endlessly, endlessly.
I wake up
as dan tien gives up the ghost
of identity,
steely truth
crumbling flintstone knowledge
and the sparks
set the solar plexus on fire…

Golden light overcomes
and ascends along paths
that I cannot follow,
higher and higher
only love travels this vector
the “I” dissolves
wings spring forth
and vastness takes flight
on the thermals
of loving warmth
from a thousand petaled lotus
that unfolds from the top of a cloud
that I used to think
was my body
laying upon the summit.

A thousand times of hearing
that you will not be there
when you get there
is the thousand times
that you will not hear it.

But when you get there,
when we meet on the summit
for the thousandth time
you will know,
that neither of us
is there…

and that view is worth
a thousand lifetimes
of struggle.

Aug. 9th, 2010

Poem: Caravan to Omkara

Caravan to Omkara

I joined the caravan
of wandering gypsies,
raucous and bawdy
juvenile and haughty
bottles held high
stumbling and naughty.

In passing blurred glances
and in drunken trances
truth would show up
and pierce through me like lances.

I have carried the flag of sin,
running fast with the standard,
until I grew thin...
feeling the hopelessness
creep steadily in.
Weary of missing the mark
finally choosing
to disembark.

I donned the mantle of love,
wore the wreaths,
spoke with the dove,
melded with energies
from on high above.

In dramatic moments
of peaceful redemption
sitting with others in healing reflection
truth would show up
with a new direction.

I have carried the flag of good,
but it caught aflame
and burned like dry wood
consumed like a borrowed branch
from the tree of hope
that was never meant
for mortals to keep.

My goodness spoke of higher latitudes
but led to empty platitudes.
My sins spoke of lower living
but drove me to be more giving.
I wandered in and out
of good and bad
so many times
that my mind went mad
and left them both
behind...and I am glad.

What remains is so simple
in this space...
my heart still beats
the sun still heats
the water still flows
my breath draws air
love still grows
people still care
and there pervades a loving stillness

And deeper in that stillness
even those wonders cease
for within the cosmic fold, inside the spiral crease
there is a vibration
a universal peal
an exquisite titration
naked and sacred, celestial creation.

Jul. 28th, 2010


My latest fun creations....new photo set that I am very pleased with featuring a very kind spider...and a video of me on youtube reading a poem of mine.




Jul. 13th, 2010

(no subject)

To listen to this new poem you can go to my site.


I wonder if the spirits
are as exasperated with me
as I am with them.

Why does my learning
come from loss
and not
from joy?
And how long will this lesson

Why is wisdom
earned through struggle
but not
practiced until there is peace?
And how long must this peace

through relationship
I have been transformed
into the learned
into the wiser
and I use these skills
to do nothing more
than stare at the sands behind me
and watch the great mother wind
obscure the tracks,
theirs and mine.

I sit down
on the dune
feel god beating down
upon me
and tremor,
not because I am alone in the desert
but because I am the lonely desert.

Oh sweet people
I so dearly have no answers
for you,
I so thoroughly contain no knowing
than what I experience when or if
you choose to meet my eyes
or hold my hands
or open yourself to this universal

And I do not accept
what looks at you in those moments
I do not love what exposes you
I do not like how it strips off your ego
like clothing for a bonfire
that burns in honor of gods I serve
but do not even recognize.

Can’t I have a different gift?
Perhaps something that people love?
Perhaps something that bandages and binds?
Perhaps something that only makes them smile?

I shake the sand from my robes
and try to move on,
but where do I move to?
I exist in the minority of the majority,
on the fringes of the minority
the ragged edge of the fringe
and as a single fiber on the ragged edge
that floats in the infinite...
like the desert all ‘round,
so I sit right back down.

Do people really want to see
how we are all made out of sand?
As beautiful, pristine and wild
as the desert is
I don’t want to be the heated
I don’t want to disturb their sleep.
I can’t find a reason to say
any more
to any one

I’d rather be out here alone
than bring others with me.
I am not like Jesus.
I am not a guru.
I do not feel the need to quicken
another’s awakening.
I say the good news
is that you can live in illusion
for your whole lifetime
and not be punished for it.
The good news,
is that you do not have to be saved
by anyone.
The good news is that
if you do what you do
and say what you say
you won’t receive God’s love
you will see that you are God’s love.

Even when feeling alone
in vast empty desert
this love is more than enough
to quench any thirst.

Jun. 23rd, 2010

New Essay added to my site

Hey! I added a new essay that I think lots of people might enjoy. It has a rather broad appeal for the spiritual seeker types out there. On my essays page it is titled "Harness Your Spiritual Power!"



May. 22nd, 2010

Poetry: Wanting

You can listen to it at http://skymeetingtheground.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/wanting.wav


Can you grasp the appeal
of shipyard steel?
Can you see the gunners
sweating in their turrets,
the tarmac crowded with runners?
The war is here,
the war is here!
Did you see
how the ocean buried the dead
while the weight of war
buried the living
across the entire globe?

Do you ever have the memory
of manifest destiny?
Can you imagine how the horsemen
were gripped and held
with the swooning of matrimony
the first time their eyes
met the virgin plains?
Could you watch it all over again...
how the honest leer of ownership
crossed even the gentlest soul’s visage?
Would you watch the buffalo stumble
before the thunderstick,
the red man before the white man?
The loves of all of them
bleeding out onto the field
in search of redemption.

Do the maginot lines
ever separate you from the easiness of now?
Can you imagine the loss
of Passchendaele
with nothing but fog,
the cries of mudded men and
denuded tree trunks
to navigate by?
Do you count your blessings
the way they counted bodies
in the Somme
as the fevered young
crested the trench
only to find themselves
suddenly lifeless
and stacked upon their brethren?
Ah, and the futility we experience
when we try to make sense
of the futility
of the Battle of Verdun
the redundancy of
endless, endless man’s

May. 10th, 2010

New Poem "Your Choice"

Your Choice

When did you choose
to let it all go?
Was it when
the maple tree
chose to send its children
twirling into the autumn air?

When did you choose
to love all of yourself?
Was it when
the New England ground
chose to adorn itself
with snow’s winter blanket?

When did you choose
to feel angry at God?
Was it when
the darkened spring sky
chose to throw water and lightning
at the unsuspecting firmament below?

When did you choose
to become awakened?
Was it when
crystal blue lakes
chose to warm themselves
by the heat of summer’s sun?

Like autumn leaves
will your illusions drift and fall
such brittle things...
like pristine white snow
will you fall in love with yourself...
like a gathering storm
will anger come upon you...
like rising warmth
will the sunlight of awakening come to you.

But not from your choice,
for choice is not one of the four seasons.

Take heart
for we and the earth still spin about
in pleasing perfection
to the eyes of creation
even in the absence of choice.

Can also be listened to at my site...www.skymeetingtheground.wordpress.com

May. 2nd, 2010

Essay: Boys and the Pornification of Sexuality


This is a new page for my website. It will contain essays I have written about a wide variety of topics that do not necessarily fit into the poetry books or K books I am publishing.

The first article just posted today is titled "Boys and the Pornification of Sexuality"


Feb. 15th, 2010

Article published


Feb. 7th, 2010

Kundalini Support Videos on YOUtube

Hello to anyone who may still be reading this. I am announcing a new thingy here. I have begun a new support video series for Kundalini Awakenings.

It is linked through my website, but here is the direct link...


Some of you from way back in 2008 are mentioned in it, in some fashion.

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