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Poem: A Thousand

A Thousand

I can’t hold on to my “self”
and you offer in kind voice
“it is safe to let go”
but what can you possibly know
about letting go
if you still think there is a choice?

Does your heart beat
as every chakra is stretched
and beaten
like an ancient drum?
You actually think I am here?
I disappear,
vibrated out of knowing
by the thunderous metronome
of truth…
God’s palms strike me
out of existence.

People see the mountaintop
from the valley
and believe they understand
what it is like
to dance upon the summit.

Yet, to be unexpectedly placed on the summit
by a thousand hummingbirds
surpasses all seeing
when all you can hear is the vibration
of those wings.

Learning to breathe in that thin air
is something that no belief can teach you.

And dancing at the very tipping point of sky and ground,
sometimes falters
when you realize that you will
never be allowed to return
to the valley below.

A thousand dreams
must I have dreamed
where I was wrought from nothing
that became temporarily convinced of everything
now returning to nothing,
endlessly, endlessly.
I wake up
as dan tien gives up the ghost
of identity,
steely truth
crumbling flintstone knowledge
and the sparks
set the solar plexus on fire…

Golden light overcomes
and ascends along paths
that I cannot follow,
higher and higher
only love travels this vector
the “I” dissolves
wings spring forth
and vastness takes flight
on the thermals
of loving warmth
from a thousand petaled lotus
that unfolds from the top of a cloud
that I used to think
was my body
laying upon the summit.

A thousand times of hearing
that you will not be there
when you get there
is the thousand times
that you will not hear it.

But when you get there,
when we meet on the summit
for the thousandth time
you will know,
that neither of us
is there…

and that view is worth
a thousand lifetimes
of struggle.


Hello, sir. A belated happy birthday to you. Hope you had a great time :)


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MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)